sexta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2009

Seven things you should not do after meals

Do not smoke after a meal experiments from experts prove
that smoking a cigarette after a meal is comparable to
smoking ten cigarettes.
Do not eat fruits immediately after the meal, it will boat
your stomach.
Therefore, you have your fruits one or two hours before or
after your meal
Do not drink tea after a meal, as tea leaves contain a high
content of acid, this can make difficult to digest.
Do not loosen your belt after eating, loosening the belt a
meal can cause intestinal problems.
Do not bathe after eating; bathing will cause the increase
of blood flow to the hands, legs and body. Thereby causing
the amount of blood around to the stomach to decrease. This
will weaken the digestive system in your stomach.
Do not walk after a meal if you walk immediately after a meal
will make it difficult for the digestive system. You wait at
least an hour after meal.
Do not sleep the intake of food will not be able to digest
property hereby leading to gastro-intestinal problems.
Finally, do not eat very much food or drinks, you can become
fat. You avoid some feeds as fast food. Can food and junk food.
You take care or give a lot attention to what you are eating
in order to have a good health.
It is better to think before, what the best for our body is.
You should follow my advices, if I was a boy I would have more
take a care with feeds and drinks. Who abuse during youth after
later suffer these bad effects.

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