quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

The war on the Afghanistan

All democratic countries on the world are wrapping on the
Afghanistan’s War, what it will be difficult to finish it as
soon as possible. I have no doubt that pease will come one day
to Afghanistan, but I can´t say if it will be in twenty or fifty
years or same two hundred years, it´s like between Israel and
Palestians, Where the pease it´s very difficult to get an agree
between them.
The Talibans are the people who are their tradition, who can´t
change. It’s a people very much fanatic about his religion like
others about football. They don´t see where it´s the truth. On
the other hand, they have very much support of the population into
little towns and villages where they live or they were born. So,
they can be much strong these places. However, there is good news
from other fight fronts too. In Pakistan is fighting the Taliban’s
too into its country, where the Taliban’s have some military bases
and little pockets of resistance.
The most part Taliban fighters chat with villagers at night.
Villagers gather with them, the NATO troops have difficulty to
distinguish who are the fighters or civilians. It´s a reason because
the NATO troops sometimes can be attacked by people who are next and
live with them.
Military experts know that a War of Guerrillas or Urban War it´s
always a large problem to vanquish with normal troops, because the
guerrilla fighters can open wherever.
They are often indistinguishable from between civilians.

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