terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010

Brazilian President

Lula da Silva the best Brazil´s Leader after Emperor Peter I
We can say that it´s necessary to be a cultured person in order
to form a good government any country. Brazil was ruled by
many barons, that during their rules they did nothing nor
developed nor created conditions to people. They had turned
Brazil into one of the most inequitable places on earth.
When Brazilians first elected Lula Inácio da Silva in 2002, all
poor Brazilians liked very much it, because he said that he
would go to lessen the great differences between riches and
This man is a genuine son of Brazil´s working class. He founded
the Workers ‘Party, that later, because of this, he was jailed
for leading a strike.
After much time Lula finally won the presidency, but three times
failed attempts. Today like president is a familiar figure in
Brazilian national life, what led him to politics in the first
He had personal knowledge of how hard many Brazilians, He knew
that the life the most part of Brazilians had very difficult to
them. He was forced to leave school after fifth grade to support
his family; he was working as a shoeshine boy! His first wife
dies during the eighth month of her pregnancy, because she
couldn´t afford decent medical care in Brazil to poor’s.
There ´s a large lesson to his formers! Because, now Brazilians
people have a good health care and better social conditions into
all point of view. This way, he was elected to second term in 2006.
He has prepared into to the First World with government social
programs like zero starvation or designed to end hunger, and with
plans to improve the education available to members of Brazil´s
working class.
Lula wants to Brazil what we used to call the American dream and
to do of Brazil, and great Power Economic Politic and Military from
South America.
Luis Inácio Lula da Silva is the most important man on the world
from working class.

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