quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2009

The pickpokets

Nowadays it is necessary to pay attention about robbers, because there are these people anywhere. There are three months ago, I saw a thief that assaulted a woman in city centre. However, many people were walking for by downtown.
A thief got to steal her gold bracelet, when this woman was walking. The assailant caught her arm; he took the bracelet and ran away.
Some people saw this scene, but nobody was able to stop him. Her husband who was police officer and worked in Lisbon city, he was furious. H e was looking for him everywhere, but he did not found him. Nevertheless, he knew some pilferers and where these acted
Today the robbers do not choose the victim they can steal from government members, judges or the police officers. When they have needy, they assault rich or poor men
The pilferers are always to the to lie in wait for the more careless.

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