sexta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2012

Dog or wife

Why some men would rather have a dog than a wife:
The later you come home the happier your dog is to see you
Dogs do not make a big fuss if you call them by another
dog's name.
Dogs love it when you leave a pile of clothes on the floor
Your dog's parents will never visit you
Dogs accept it when you raise your voice in order to make
your point of view.
Dogs find you funny when you're tipsy
Dogs love to go fishing and hunting
A dog will never wake you up in the middle of the night and
ask you, "If I die, will get yourself another dog?"
If a dog has puppies, you can put an add in the newspaper
and give them to someone else .
A dog will allow you to put him on a leash with its name on
the name tag, without calling you a Pervert-
If a dog smells another dog on your clothes, he doesn't get
upset, but rather finds the experience interesting
And at last, but not least:
If a dog leaves, will not take half  of your assets
ou proove this theory by doing the following test:
You lock your wife and your dog for one hour inside your
Open the garage door after that time and see who will
be happier to see you....

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