terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2009

Reflections about United States

Young Senator Barak Obama was elected the forty fourth President of U.S.A, in spite of his origin from black Africa. So, we can say, nowadays, there is a truth democracy in this large country. Which goes to give a good example to all Africa countries, where the democracy doesn´t exist over there, like all communists countries. In these all countries, when the presidents got the power, they stay as presidents until their death. As soon as possible, they become tyrants, in order to not allow, that others can compete with them to be presidents too.
Obama came now to make a dream of his similar famous man -Martin lutter King, who wanted equality between all americans. He fought for integration total of all black people since 1955. He was Novel of the peace in 1964, but later he was assassinated by racist man.
Lutter Kind based his fight on the France Revolution, which proclaimed: liberty,eguality and fraternity for the all people on the world.
It was the reason because, french people offered the beautiful statue of liberty to the American people. This good symbol of democracy which symbolize the dream all immigrants who entered by New Iork quay on the search of a better life in this large and multiracial country

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