terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2009

Some advices for my visitors women

When you answer the phone don’t let strangers know you are alone at home. Women
who live alone should use their initials and last names in directories (listas telefónicas).
( Avoid isolated bus stops or walking little path, you always a visible way. Don’t stop to help other, when you saw trouble. with others cars.
Don’t walk alone after dark. Avoid shortcuts (atalhos) and deserted areas, where there isn’t people do no hitch-hike.
You always check the interior of your car before you get into and observe the backseat.
Keep all valuables out of sight. thieves are looking in the cars. If you are attached scream as loud as you can. Don’t carry large amounts of money in your handbag or and your pockets. Don’t carry your Credit Card and cheek book in the same bag.
Lock your car after entering at on when leaving it, specially when you are stopped . You don’t give a lift to people, you don’t know, if you are driving alone. the life is a play, it’s necessary struggle it You are careful, all your things the danger it’s always stalking, if we are forgetting some thing.
You don’t exchange the money when you are alone, there are sometimes cheaters, liars and robbers, who are always trying to get anything. They .choose the people reckless for getting their objectives. You take a care your main documents, don’t stray them, it can cause serious problems.
You shouldn’t smoke, it’s dangerous for your health, a good health is the best condition of your body. Health is a state in which you fit and well.
If you are too fat, you should diet, eat less and you do gymnastic, in order to you are a good physical fitness .So, you must do regular physical exercises. When you are back hurts, head-ache or you think, who have any pathology, you should see a doctor.
You can’t spend more money than you earn that can bring later serious economic problems.
When you are travelling so long, you don’t forget to give a ring your family. If you pay attention all my these advices, I am sure, you’ll live to be reassured ,with health and peace

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